Droid Incredible Bluetooth Problem with Audi A4

I've noticed that my new Droid Incredible has a problem connecting via Bluetooth to my 2006 Audi A4.  My old Motorola Razor would connect to the car just fine while closed and in my pocket, but the Droid Incredible will not connect until I turn it on and unlock it - this happens 100% of the time.  The problem doesn't seem to be related to changing the phone from one Bluetooth device to another as today I was driving with the Bluetooth connected and then stopped for gas and when I restarted the car I had to turn on and unlock the phone again before it would reconnect.  Someone I work with has not seen this problem with his Incredible connecting to his BMW.  I'd be very interested to hear if others are seeing similar problems.


Update - It started working!  I don't know what changed, I noticed that it was working after I got the system update, but that could be a total coincidence.  Sometimes it takes a minute or two to connect.  I did once experience the one way sound issue and turning off and then on Bluetooth on the phone fixed that.


Another Update - not so fast, it didn't work again today.  It also looks like HTC is going to be no help whatsoever on this issue.

HTC: Unfortunately, Bluetooth is not always going to work perfectly with the HTC Incredible. If you are able to pair the device and use the Bluetooth, even if the phone has to be turned on and not asleep; there is no other troubleshooting steps, you are doing everything correctly and there is no other way to get the software to be perfectly compatible with your Bluetooth.
Me: I want to make sure I understand your response before I post this to my website (which is currently getting search hits on this topic). You are saying that despite the fact that my old Motorola Razor was able to connect to this same car nearly 100% of the time, the HTC Incredible is not going to be as reliable and there is nothing more than HTC can or is willing to do to investigate and resolve the issue?
HTC: The Bluetooth Software in the phone would have to be modified and that would be something we cannot support. I apologize, but HTC is a different company than Motorola and they have different software, we cannot control if your Bluetooth is not completely compatible with your HTC Incredible. The Android Bluetooth Stack is Bluetooth A2DP support; and the Bluetooth Profiles are not completely compatible.
Me: What I had expected was that HTC would be able to report bugs in the Android Bluetooth stack to Google with the intent of addressing them, but what you seem to be saying is that if there are bugs in the Android Bluetooth implementation on the HTC phone that you have no ability to address this or report them to your upstream operating system provider which in this case is Google. That shows a total lack of empowerment by HTC in what goes into your own product, I thought HTC was more involved than that.
HTC: Unfortunately, we have no more information and according to the HTC Technical Support this is not an issue or a glitch. This is just a difference in software and nothing more. If you are having any Technical issues that I can help you with I would be glad to, but as far as the Bluetooth goes there is nothing else we can do because it pairs and it works just fine.

 Now that seems like a very wimpy response on the part of HTC.


Try this

See the solution I found in my comment of 4/4/11. The free app, Automatic Bluetooth by Andi 1985 solved my problem, and it's been a month of daily use since.

HTC Droid Incredible Bluetooth Problem--my solution

Like many of you, I've been having problems with my HTC Incredible and bluetooth connection in my 2005 Audi A6, but have found a solution. My problem was that the phone would pair and connect, and then work fine for the first phone call. But for any call after that, while the phone was still "connected," and the call seemed to go through, nothing could be heard on the other end of the call. The only solution was to turn off the bluetooth each time and wait for the car to drop the connection (which took a while).
However, I've just found a free app that SOLVES the problem! Automatic Bluetooth, by Andi1985, toggles the bluetooth on with every outgoing or incoming call, and then toggles it off when the call is done. This eliminates the problem, and I can make and receive consecutive calls without a problem. Plus, it saves battery time, since bluetooth stays off until it's needed. Brilliant! Give it a try--hope it works for you.

I have to say I was ready to

I have to say I was ready to throw my htc out the window. I installed the FREE app(Automatic Blue tooth, by Andi1985) as suggested and it has been working like a charm Thanks for the info.

HTC Hero Blue Tooth problem

I had the same problem with my HTC Hero phone from Sprint. It would pair with my car (2011 Toyota Prius) without any problems, however sometimes I would make a call and the call would go through but I would hear nothing. Using Auto Bluetooth by Andi1985 seems to have solved the problem. I tried it several times and all my calls went through and I could hear everything each and every time. Thanks Andi1985, and thank you to you guys for posting this helpful information. This had frustrated me for sometime and had blamed Toyota for the Bluetooth issue, my apologies goes to Toyota as well.

infiniti E35 bluetooth has dropped my phone

After being connected for one month, now my droid incredible will not connect with my phone - although it does show that it is paired. Infiniti dealer said to try removing battery - this does not work. I have restarted the phone, turned on and off the bluetooth, none of these things work reliably. Epic fail and frustration. All of a sudden I miss my Samsung Juke.

I would try clearing the

I would try clearing the pairing history from both the phone and the car - wipe the slate clean for both. Then re-pair them and see if you get a connection. You might try pairing both the phone and the car to something else which is known to work (if available) just to make sure either of the bluetooth radios didn't go bad.

Good luck!

Im also having problems

Im also having problems connecting my droid x to my 2007 audi a4. My storm used to connect fine but when I do connect I can't use the mobile phone through my car. Please help!

Similar behavior not locked to particular car model

I use a aftermarket Motorola Bluetooth device which allows me to move between cars and take my handsfree with me. It is the MotoRokr T505.

It worked (still works) flawlessly with my 3 year old Blackberry and I anticipated that my brand-spanking new HTC Incredible would pair, connect, and operate flawlessly. After all, Bluetooth has been around for going on 10 years, right?

Guess again.

The pairing was a breeze, but I have noticed an odd behavior when I stream media from the HTC through the Motorola device either to its speakers or to my FM radio - it has a drop every 45 seconds. It only lasts 1 seconds, but it is like clockwork. There is the occasional miss (like it keeps working) but just when you think it has fixed itself, it blinks out again. The pattern is like this: works for 45 seconds, drops for 1, works for 90 seconds, drops for 1, works for 45, drops for 1, works for 135, ...

At first, I thought it was a behavior of the Bluetooth device, but I have been able to reproduce it with a colleague's HTC Incredible as well.

Given that it repeats across phones, that it has a very fixed periodicity to it, and that it is only the HTC Incredible's that do this, I am suspecting that their implementation of Bluetooth is to blame. Other blogs have referred to a back-revved Bluetooth 2.0 package that HTC implemented rather than the newest 2.1.

Perhaps a software update will repair this.

Well, I may be the biggest

Well, I may be the biggest sucker of them all -- my 2005 Audi paired well with my Blackberry Storn (awful phone, great Bluetooth connection). My HTC Incredible paired fine for a while and then stopped working. Calls wouldn't answer and worse yet the car would not release the radio even after I hung up and turned the Bluetooth off. I read that my version on the Audi MMI software (which includes the Bluetooth) may not be completely compatible. Since I am keeping the car for a while anyway and needed to update the nav disks anyway, I sprung for the update -- discs alone are $285... keep your fingers crossed.

Fantasic! While the problem

Fantasic! While the problem is annoying, I have the exact same thing in my 2005 A6. Due for service soon, curious to see if they perform any updates to the MMI. Doubtful, but you never know. Will post results!

The nav update you are going

The nav update you are going to be paying for has nothing at all to do with the firmware of the unit as far as I know, it's just new mapping data and maybe mapping software and would have nothing to do with your bluetooth problems. The MMI firmware for the car is different and I believe your Audi dealer would just upgrade that as a routine part of a service call. I don't think you're going to accomplish anything for that $285 besides getting the latest map updates.

Supposedly the MMI software

Supposedly the MMI software update is more than just the NAV -- at least that's what I read on Aufi BB. We'll see...

Incredible Bluetooth Issue

Let me join the crowd of frustrated HTC Incredible users with a Bluetooth issue. It seems that I can pair the phone and my Ford F-150 audio system, but I cannot retain a connection. The funny part about this issue is that the pairing and connection worked for three weeks. I've been in the computer industry for over twenty years, so I understand troubleshooting techniques quite well. Unfortunately, this situation is becoming a frustrating one. I'm not particularly ready to remove and reinstall device drivers every three weeks to resolve Bluetooth issues. My Blackberry worked just fine for years without reinstalling device drivers.

Same Here

I have the same issue with a 2008 Range Rover Sport. Sometimes it pairs, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it pairs initially, then inexplicably drops the connection. VERY frustrating and, imho, a fatal flaw in this phone. Hope this gets resolved at some point, otherwise I think I may have to go back to my old blackberry.

Not to nitpick too much, but

Not to nitpick too much, but I think you might be confusing the term "pairing" with "connecting". Pairing the device is what you do just once to authorize the two devices together and involves a 4 digit code. It sounds like you're losing the connection, but unless you have to re-enter the codes you are not losing the pairing.

Right. It doesn't stay

Right. It doesn't stay "connected."

I have the exact same issue

I have a VW Rabbit but with an Alpine CDA-105 and Alpine KCE-400BT module. I can pair my phone, and it typically connects fine when I first get in the car. But if I stop somewhere (turn off the car) and get back in - the radio says "No unit" even though the phone's BT icon still shows it as connected. If a call comes in or if I initiate a call it will switch over to the Alpine stereo after a few seconds. I've also used various phones without this issue, including a Moto Razr, HTC Touch, and most recently a rooted HTC Eris. The Eris worked without a hitch! But the Incredible is hit and miss. I haven't called HTC yet but I plan to when I get a chance.

audi---htc----blooth connection

I have an 09 TT and have been researching whether the HTC HERO will pair successfully [SPRINT] . I have gotten answers all over the board...from yes to NO WAY.
It is not on the audi list; the HERO does not have the 2.1 software yet; I was going to get 2 HEROs and upgrade my SPRINT to an EVERYTHING Plan. But now I will either stick with my Motorola razor or try a different phone/carrier. Customer service is a thing of the past....no way do I want a phone that is not going to pair in the car...especially as it is dangerous to have to look at and touch the phone while driving


HTC Hero and 2009 Audi A4

I had no problem pairing my Audi with the Hero running v 1.5. It would often fail to connect and would drop the connection while driving. When it was connected it worked as designed with the car audio system. All the screens, buttons, voice response, phonebook, redial were fine.

I then made a social error. I put Droid v 2.1 on the phone. After spending some hours replacing apps, removing the "bother ware" and the short timeouts, it was almost back to where it was except for EZ teather.

I took it to the car. I paired it with no problem. The phone quickly connected and I headed out for a 90 minute spin. It stayed connected! Hot Dogs for everyone! A call came in. I answered, but no one was there. I hung up. It rang again. I answered. No one on the line. I tried to call back. The nice lady asked for the number. I recited the number. The nice lady repeated the number. I said "dial" and the nice lady said the number was being dialed. Then she said it could not connect. I could not even use the phone to make a call while it was Bluetooth connected.

I placed a conference call to the VW tech center and HTC and they pointed fingers at each other. I came away convinced that neither had a full understanding of the specifications for the technology. This is what happens when the sales department is out in front of engineering. Android is long on promise, short on delivery.

To be fair the Bluetooth spec

To be fair the Bluetooth spec is one of the weaker standards in the industry and I don't think it is well understood by pretty much anyone. So it isn't completely unexpected that lots of finger pointing would happen. However I would have expected that with HTC in the phone business that they would be used to figuring this kind of stuff out. So while I agree that Bluetooth is going to be a problem, I wouldn't rush to judge that Android in general is long on promise and short on delivery. I would certainly agree that Android is a new and VERY rapidly growing system which certainly doesn't have all the quirks ironed out yet. I also think it's got more promise (in either technology or just open ecosystem) than the other platforms out there.

A3 Droid Incredible Connection Problems

Funny. Sounds like an Audi thing. I drive a Prius and haven't had any problems. My roommate drives a brand new A3 and the Droid Inc. barely works with it. It sometimes connects. Then it disconnected. Then it stays connected. I'm trying to find a solution. Have you found any luck yet? I've tried unpairing, re-pairing. Disconnecting, re-connecting. Nothing. Let me know if you come across any solutions.

Connection Problems MB

I have had similar connection problems in my Mercedes. Sometimes it will go a few days and have no problem with the connection; other times it will connect and then drop the connection. Have tried unpairing, repairing, etc., similar to you. Very frustrating. No predictable reason why it works one time and not the next. Let me know if you find a solution. Thanks.

HTC useless

See update above, HTC seems worthless on this.

Once a connection is made it seems fine for me

Aside from the initial connection issue and just once a one way audio issue I haven't seen the connect/disconnect problem you mention, though I have seen it mentioned in forums.

Fix Worked for me

I was having the same problem with my SYNC and Motorola headset. I turned off Bluetooth via the HTC widget on my home screen (sense). Then removed the widget from the home screen. Finally went into menu > settings > wireless > Bluetooth and everything paired without any problems.


I had problems with my new Droid Incredible being “paired but not connected”.
Here is what got my Bluetooth to work on my Incredible by being able to pair with my car and hopefully it will work for most of you.

I uninstalled Bluetooth from my phone, removed the Bluetooth widget from the home screen and then unpaired the device that I was trying to connect to (weird since I would have thought that by uninstalling Bluetooth would have not given me this option, oh well. Shut down the phone, restarted the phone, went to the Bluetooth app in the menu for my phone (don’t start the Bluetooth search/scan yet). Enabled the Bluetooth connection on my car (via radio/or however you would) and started the scanning for the device on my phone. The Bluetooth pairing paired and asked me for the code. Once I entered the code the phone worked. However, now I have a problem with the music not playing thru my radio via Bluetooth from my phone. I'll figure that out here shortly and post it back.

Try one of the many items that I have mention to see if this gets you working.

Regards..... Happier but not satisfied... ;-)

Glad you're making progress.

Glad you're making progress.

here is how i resolved the

here is how i resolved the paired but not connected issue with my Audi.

1. read the post on gizmodo about incomplete bluetooth stack issue on Incredible.

2.went to bluetooth.com to read about Bluetooth protocol requirements.

3. went to audi website to learn what protocol was required. it is called Hands Free Protocol.(HTP)

4. went to HTC website to verify what Gizmodo posted. No HTP.

5. went to Motorola website to see what protocols are on Droid X. HTP is listed.

6.ordered Droid X.

total time less than 20 minutes.

Don't have any explanation for HTC not doing this months ago. but since i am no longer part of the HTC Community i don't care

i did want to share this info with the others what i did to solve paired not connected. hopefully it will save you some time.

Works Inconsistently with Audi A4

I'm going to repeat what others have said. I have the same issue with a 2011 Audi A4. Sometimes it pairs, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it pairs initially, then drops the connection for no reason that I can see. I've tried the Droid Pro (it worked fine). This is extremely frustrating and no good for a heavy business user. I am still in my trial period so may head back to Blackberry or wait for the iPhone4.

Android and all its "distros" (moto, htc) seems to be too unreliable for the corporate user.

Droid X has the same problem

I just took back my DROID X because of connectivity problem -- switched to HTC Incredible -- same problem.

My iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 both worked flawlessly -- but network (voice) was horrible...

The ultimate fix will be iPhone on Verizon........

I rooted my Droid Incredible

I rooted my Droid Incredible and flashed the latest nightly of the Cyanogen Mod Build, bluetooth works 99% of the time. This is due to a different bluetooth stack.

Do you happen to know if that

Do you happen to know if that ROM supports more Bluetooth profiles - like serial communications which the stock ROM doesn't support? I've been interested in using my Incredible to talk to Lego Mindstorms robots. Are there any compromises you make with that ROM - bugs/functionality?

Not sure if it supports other

Not sure if it supports other profiles. ROM is more or less stable; by that I mean that for everyday use it is fine. If you start experimenting with new apps you might run into problems. My configuration is as follows and it works great:

Cyanogen Mod 6-01112011-NIGHTLY-INC
Android 2.2.1
ADW Version 1.1 (ADWLauncher EX)

Ford Fusion 2010 SYNC hookup with both bluetooth audio (A2DP) and the standard headset profile.

I'm rooted and S-OFF, but so

I'm rooted and S-OFF, but so far have been able to do everything I want (except the Mindstorms which I don't have time for anyway) with the stock ROM and don't want to deal with any fringe issues yet. Maybe someday.

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