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Why Windows 8 and beyond is a bigger shift than consumers may realize

When Windows 8.1 came out users starting asking if this means that Microsoft is backing away from some of the changes they made in Windows 8.  Most tech journalists seemed to answer that they weren't sure.  Well I'm sure, the answer is no and here's why and what's going to happen over the next 5-10 years.

Religion, World Peace, Intellectual Property, and Sugary Beverages - another view on why SOPA was so bad

The sad truth is that there will never be total world peace.  The simple reason for this is that there is always conflict between the concepts of groups of people having the freedom to set their own moral code but at the same time have other groups with different moral codes to interact and not offend each other somehow.  The simple concept that my moral code says that I want to have certain beliefs as well as a belief that a given behavior is wrong and not only do I not want to practice that behavior, but I feel entitled to not have to deal with others who do.  If you think

Droid Incredible Bluetooth Problem with Audi A4

I've noticed that my new Droid Incredible has a problem connecting via Bluetooth to my 2006 Audi A4.  My old Motorola Razor would connect to the car just fine while closed and in my pocket, but the Droid Incredible will not connect until I turn it on and unlock it - this happens 100% of the time.  The problem doesn't seem to be related to changing the phone from one Bluetooth device to another as today I was driving with the Bluetooth connected and then stopped for gas and when I restarted the car I had to turn on and unlock the phone again before it would reconnect.

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